Fall Trend Report

Fall is here and with it comes new styles straight from overseas. Having spent time in Paris, France at Silmo, one of the largest optical fairs in the world, I'm here to report on my findings.

Caroline Abrams 1.jpg

We've seen this coming for a while and have had many metal styles in stock dating back to 2016 but as we approach 2018, metals are coming on stronger than ever. Even companies that have always prided themselves on their amazing acetate frames are releasing metal frames this season. Caroline Abrams (above) and Face a Face (below) were among the most notable lines releasing metal frames. These frames keep with the French design ideals of bold, beautiful colors, extended into a new material. If you've previously worn styles from Lindberg or Mykita, you might be able to find slightly more funky style in Caroline Abrams or Face a Face this time.

Face a Face 1.jpg

Pinks, Greens and even more Pink's
In Westchester we like to say that Mykita started this trend. In 2017, the Sesi became one of the hottest frames in our area due in large part to it's distinguished pale pink color. Now the word is out and other companies have begun releasing pinks in shades ranging from pale to blush to electric. Dita, Anne et Valentin, SALT and even Mykita (again) have some of the sweetest pinks out right now and they're on their way to Westchester.

Green was also very popular but in a different way. While lighter greens had been in style for women, men's frames are now coming in a variety of darker, more forest greens. For guys it's about finding colors that boldly blend into an outfit. Frames can standout without screaming and dark green (and of course dark blue) are colors that allow any guy to be, just-the-right-amount of bold.

Harris Decker